NOTE : If you're having performance / input issues with the HTML5 version, download the executable version for your respective Operation System.

Cyborg Ninja Mayhem is a twin stick shooter made for the "GitHub GameOff" jam.

The jam's theme was throwback.

So you control a super amazing 80's cyborg who throws bouncing shurikens at invading spiders, how long are you able to hold out?

Controls : WASD or Controller Left Thumb Stick to move up, left, down and right respectively.

Arrow Keys or Controller Right  Thumb Stick to shoot in directions.

Made with love by @Cheezegami

Install instructions

Open the executable file and run.


Cyborg Ninja Demo 31 MB
Cyborg Ninja Demo Windows.exe 29 MB
Cyborg Ninja Demo Linux.exe 37 MB


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This is fun!  Web version is not working for me (Ubuntu 17.04,  Chrome 62) - it runs, but the input seems to think I have keys stuck in the "down" position.

The Linux download did work for me, although the ".exe" extension isn't needed and I had to manually make it executable (`chmod +x`).  Very nice feel with the sound effect and screen shake when a bug is hit!

Good to know the linux version is working!


pretty cool! (although the shurikens are a little glitch and if you shoot them when  moving you get bounced a bit)

I especially liked the BG pattern!

Thanks a lot, I hope you had fun playing!